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Dear visitor, this blog is written by the band Other Day. We got our ears pointed and finally decided to share our experiences and feelings with you, because we realized the problems in finding all information about this procedure gathered on one site in the internet. We hope you'll enjoy this blog and find some information you're looking for.

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Day 04 and sleeping positions

Hi there,
still there's everything all right with our ears. They started getting yellow at the beginning of the helix which connects your ear with your head. No, it's not hepatitis B and we're also not becomming Simpson characters ;) it seems to be the rest of a effusion.
Just have a look what I'm talking about:

                      as you can see, especially Sad's skin in front of the ear became yellow

Aftercare didn't changed till now. We're using H2Ocean 2-3 times a day. In the morning we clean the whole ear, the other two times just the points. We still keep hair away as good as possible. Till now there aren't any infections and we guess there woun't be onfections in the future. The dried blood will keep the wounds closed, so we don't remove the blood till it'll fall off by itself akthough the blood make our ears look a bit creepy. It's Halloween soon, so the look is ok ;)

Finally we also got used to the strange sleeping positions. So we'd like to talk about this:
as you know, you aren't allowed to lie in your ear 'cause the pressure could damage everything and it's possible that your ears woun't adhere well. Useful for sleeping are so called head rests, pillows with the shape of an "u". You can use them in two different ways: on the one hand you can sleep in a more sitting-like position (if you don't have a bed which allows you to adjust the upper part of your bed to a higher level you can also use big pillows to lie more straight) and put them behind your neck. This is the way they're normally used. But on the other hand you can use them instead of other pillows. So if you prefer for sleeping somehting like the fetus-position you can just lie on a head rest and put your ear into the hole and woun't put any pressure on them. You just have to make sure you woun't move a lot during the night so you're not accidentally lieing on your fresh ears.
It's also possible to use your normal pillows and lie them around your head with a "v" or "u" shape, so just your head lies on them and your ears "floats".
Another sweet idea is to make you own pillows. As sweet, but German, tutorial you can find at Natron&Soda.We'll make such pillows as soons as our stitches will be taken out, 'cause we want to be gentle to our ears for some more weeks.
The last possible thing we tried is lieing just on your arm. It's the same like shaping pillows into a "v".

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