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Dear visitor, this blog is written by the band Other Day. We got our ears pointed and finally decided to share our experiences and feelings with you, because we realized the problems in finding all information about this procedure gathered on one site in the internet. We hope you'll enjoy this blog and find some information you're looking for.

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Day 02 and aftercare

Today it was time to wear our ears the first time in public 'cause we had to go out for buying some food. Because it was raining we had to use an umbrella and what happened? Because of a very strong gust of wind the umbrella hits one of our ears... this fucking hurts! Fortunately it doesn't seem as anything is damaged... there's no blood and the pain stopped after some minutes.
When we were out there weren't any recognizable reactions by unknown people, they were starring like always. Friends and family members, we met on our way, reacted in a good way and were really interested in the details of the pointing procedure. Everybody was worried because of the pain which still isn't existing. Cause everybody knows that we're strange people, nobody wonders about this ear pointing that much, ha ha.

Because nothing special happened we want to write about aftercare this time:
we were given two H2Ocean-sprays, which include a saline solution that you can also put on fresh piercings etc. We're told to put it on our ears 2-3times per day, even more if we want to. You can also wash them out with antibacterial soap but better ask your bodymod artist what treatment he recommends you.

If your ears are freshly pointed it's also better to tie up your hair 'cause if they get into your wound, they will may cause discomfort. It's also a good idea to prevent your ears from getting too wet (this is bad for the fixing tape and the stitches as well), so if you really have to wash your hair, let somebody help you. Better use a cup or something like this to rinse your hair, 'cause you can controll the amount and direction of the water better than using the shower head. Steve recommended us also little shower caps which just have the size of your ear. Usually you can buy them in barber shops, maybe also in your local drug store or online. They look like granny shower caps but are smaller and they're normally used to protect your ears during colouring your hair.Using dry shampoo is also a good advice. Just cover your ears to avoid the powder touching your wound and spray it into your hair. They will look like they're freshly washed.

Everybody with common sense should be able to think about all the other things, which could help your ear during healing: don't carry around heavy things during the first days, 'cause your wound could rupture again. This is why you shouldn't overdo with moving (don't run up the stairs into a higher floor, don't overdo sport (better stop it for the first days)), no solarium, no sauna, sleep a lot, eat healthy and drink enough, no alcohol at least two days before and after the procedure!!!! and don't take painkillers which could thin your blood (no acetylsalicylic acid like in Aspirin) so better use painkillers that base on ibuprofen or paracetamol. But please contact you local pharamcist which painkiller he would recommend you 'cause some painkillers can cause stomachache and others work better on fever than on killing pain.

The stitches of your modification will be taken out in 14-17 days (it depends on the healing process). Usually your bodymod artist is responsible for that. Because Steve is already back in the US and Sandra's Shop is five hours away, we get help from one of our friends. She is working as a nurse, so she will surely be able to take out stitches and remove the tape. Steve said us, that it's really important to remove the tape from the back of our ears first and to pull it to the front side, not in the opposite direction because this would stress the freshly healed ears too much.

All in all you see that it's not that hard to take care for freshly pointed ears. If you are unsure about handling them it should be self-evident for your local bodymod artist or the piercer etc. that hosted your chosen bodymod artist to help you.

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