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Dear visitor, this blog is written by the band Other Day. We got our ears pointed and finally decided to share our experiences and feelings with you, because we realized the problems in finding all information about this procedure gathered on one site in the internet. We hope you'll enjoy this blog and find some information you're looking for.

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There and back again

Hi everybody, a long time there was nothing to talk about regarding our ears.
But yesterday we decided quite spontaneously to meet Steve again so he can correct Sad's ear.
There was something like a second point developing because the stitches and the tape had to be that tight to get his ear in place (remember, Sads cartilage is so thick, it's almost a thin bone).

I will share some pictures of the "before" tomorrow when I have the chance to check my other commputer.

When we met Steve he decided to correct my right ear too. Whohoo, way to spontaneous for me 'cause I didn't had time to prepare myself for pain but nevertheless I agreed. We drove more than 400km to meet Steve so I wanted to use the change if I got one.

There wasn't much time to worry about pain and to be honest, I knew what was waiting for me.

Sad started first. There wasn't that much to do on his ear. It was just necessary to open his ear on top and to remove some of the cartilage that formed the second point. Just two stitches were needed as you can see on the picture. They will be taken out in one week by ourselves.

The look from above

Now his ear has just one cute point :3

There was a lot more work on my ear. The cartilage triangle Steve put in here two years ago didn't worked that well on my right ear. This time he changed the way he worked and cut my ear on the back. He removed some slices of cartilage to give my ear a better shape. There was a lot more blood than during Sads procedure. Now I got three stitches that will be taken out in two are three weeks (the time is needed because Sads stichtes just hold his skin together, my stitches are under pressure).

my ear is angry and swollen, so the final shape can't be seen now

 I tried to give you an impression of what the stitches on the back look like,
but my ear hurts that much today that I didn't wanted to fold it forward.

Now I also understand why people wrote about pain after the procedure. I was always wondering because after our two ear pointings wether Sad or I had pain (just some hours but the day after the procedure we were already feeling fine). I read about people who had their ears done by Samppa, that there was a lot of pain. It seems that the pain depends on the way your ear was created: if it is folded (like Steve does), the pain is gone after some hours (at least it was for us, maybe it defers from individual to individual), if is resculptured (like Samppa does) it hurts way more. 
Yesterday Steve did some resculpturing and no folding and today my head and my ear are really hurting. Sometimes it feels that my ear even hurts during facial expressions. Sad has no problems at all, he was feeling fine also one or two hours during the procedure. I couldn't sleep at all, because I always woke up because of the pain. Today it is...bearable. I didn't took any pain killers till now (but I always avoid taking such chemical stuff). The pain is just annoying because it's always there.... more or less, like toothache. Will see what tomorrow brings :)