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Dear visitor, this blog is written by the band Other Day. We got our ears pointed and finally decided to share our experiences and feelings with you, because we realized the problems in finding all information about this procedure gathered on one site in the internet. We hope you'll enjoy this blog and find some information you're looking for.

If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please feel free to contact us on Facebook or via comments.

Please feel welcome to our dreamworld.

The day before

So now there is only one day left till our ears will be pointed by Steve Haworth. It's a strange idea being never ever "normal" again.

                                           bye bye "normal" look....
We're living in really small town, so the response of our social environment will be interesting, especially reactions of unknown people. Even without pointed ears they're staring at us, but this is always a funny thing, 'cause we just stare and point at them till they 're embarrassed and look away.

We're a bit worried about the days after the ear pointing. After all we read, it seems to be a really painful time, but we're sure the result will be worth it.

Now we try to get some sleep and sweet dreams about pretty ears.

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