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Dear visitor, this blog is written by the band Other Day. We got our ears pointed and finally decided to share our experiences and feelings with you, because we realized the problems in finding all information about this procedure gathered on one site in the internet. We hope you'll enjoy this blog and find some information you're looking for.

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Day 10 and reactions of other people

Hey everybody,
today we compared pics of our ears from day ten with day one. It's unbelievable how our ears changes during this days. We put the pics next to each other:

you can see how good our ears already look... no more swelling and the transections are now just really thin lines, they look "closed" and it seems that they can't get an infection anymore. Anyway, we still use H2Ocean two times a day.

Today we'd like to talk about reactions again. We recognized a lot of different effects. Generally it seems to polarise people. Some love it and others think it's stupid but hey, you can't be liked by everybody. It's just important that you feel comfortable and that's what we do with this ears, so we don't mind what others think.
The majority of our friends react in a positive way (as we already mentioned)
People who don't know about our ear pointing wondering sometimes what happened with us because they see the stitches and the tape. Some of them thought we had an accident or that we had to make our ears smaller because they might have been to big before the surgery. Ha ha. Such reactions are always funny :) By the way, strangers don't recognize our ears immediately. They have to be with us for some minutes, 'cause you just recognize it if you see our faces sideways. That's why our ears aren't a problem at work... nobody has to do with us long enough to recognie. Just sometimes people stare a little bit but don't dare asking us what's wrong with our ears.

Of course, there are also stupid and rude people. Today some girl with purple hair (!!!) that seemed to be "a member of a upper social class" (sorry, we don't want to be mean do anyone, but we can't descripe her with other words) shouted "Oh, Halloween", when we passed by but it seemed that it was just because of our appereance, the clothes, the hair etc. 'cause it's impossible that she recognized our ears from such a distance. Another bad reaction was a woman in a waiting room. Obviously she was in her thirties and her son sat next to her with a IQ-test-book in his hands. While one of us was waiting there for the doctor her son recognized the pointed ears and said to his mom "Look over there, pointed ears" in a fascinated way. You want to know what she answered? "So you better learn for school, so you woun't get a freak like this." Well, we don't want to moan about how rude, intolerant and narrow-minded people are nowadays. It always makes us sad that people can't imagine that it's possible to look strange and be smart at the same time.... poor people.

But there have been really sweet reactions too. For example there was a litlle boy in the train. He ran through the rail car and beheld one of us. He stared and ran away as he was recognized. He went back to his parents and his younger sister and told them that he has seen a very pretty person at the end of the rail car. Then he wanted to show this person to his sister. Awww, how sweet he was.

So if you think about getting your ears pointed, don't worry about reactions. There will be always people that aren't pleased by your look. Don't care about reactions of narrow-minded people. We also read in the internet that people think it's a job-killer but be honest, a lot of us have enough hair to cover up pointed ears if it's necessary for a job. And to mention the "pain pevert" theme... NO, JUST BECAUSE SOMEBODY HAS POINTED EARS HE ISN'T KEEN ON PAIN!!!Just because a lot of people seem to be a wimp when it comes to pain, others aren't perverts! Girls with silicone boobs also aren't called pain pervert and probably the days after this surgery are filled with more pain than getting pointed ears. Also getting a baby seems to be more painful.

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